Christina Smith

The owner of Neal Street East and The Tea House is Christina Smith. Christina has lived and worked in Covent Garden for the past 35 years and is actively involved in the conservation and re-development of Covent Garden and Seven Dials. She is closely involved with the local community and has done much to ensure that the character of Covent Garden has been retained for the benefit of both local residents and businesses.

Christina has travelled extensively and you can see the influence of China, Japan, India, - and Scandinavia - in the design of her shops. Her many trips abroad has resulted in a range of merchandise that can be exotic, eccentric and amusing - and above all stylish. this delights the many thousands of Covent Garden visitors, both from here and abroad who come to buy products from her shops ranging from childrens stocking fillers to collectors items.

Neal Street East (once a banana warehouse) stimulates the senses as the customer wanders through three floors packed with colourful textiles, fragrant incenses, tactile pottery and glassware, and tinkling wind chimes. It is all part of the exquisite experience of visiting this emporium of tribal and ethnic influences.