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Brief Encounter
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Show Details
Preview 2nd Feb 08
Opens 17th Feb 08
Booking to 19th Oct 08
Show Times
Tuesday - Saturday 8.00 pm
Matinée Weds & Sat 3.00 pm
Sunday 4.00 pm

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Based on Noël Coward’s one-act play 'Still Life' Brief Encounter' takes it further with three couples all acting out their relationships in a railway station tea room.  Emma Rice includes nine classic Noel Coward songs. 

The Cinema Haymarket - originally the Carlton Theatre in the 20's was converted into a 3-screen cinema house.  This production elegantly combines both film and live theatrical performance bringing a new experience to this play.  Better not to compare it with Noel Coward's 'Still life" or David Lean's classic film 'Brief Encounter' it takes its title from – and to enjoy the play for itself. The element of parody and humour along with other ingredients are strong enough to call this a  almost a musical comedy.

The Story
A lady gets some grit in her eye in a railway station Tea Room and the doctor who helps her falls passionately in love with her and she with him. Their love is ill fated as their passion blossoms as they are both married to another.

The poignancy of the original love story comes through as a classic situation. The pain of the 'never-to-be' love affair contrasts with the earthier couples in the tea room.

This is a great night out. Even the critics that spent time in comparing it to ... enjoyed themselves.  It's an event of a play - full of laughs and surprises.

 ".. Emma Rice’s staging of Noël Coward’s screenplay is a delight: moving, funny, gripping and, even at its most inventive, true to the original and its all-English heart".
Benedict Nightingale

• Alec - Tristan Sturr
ock  •  Laura - Naomi Frederick • Myrtle - Tamzin Griffin  • Beryl - Amanda Lawrence •  Stanley  - Stuart McLoughlin • Fred/Albert -  Andy Williams • musicians - Adam Pleeth and Ian Ross.

Director - Emma Rice  • Design - Neil Murray  •  Lighting - Malcolm Rippeth • Sound - Simon Baker

© 2008 Updated 13th July 2008