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Victoria Palace Theatre

Victoria Street, SW1E 5EA

Billy Elliot - The Musical

Victoria Palace Theatre 3D location mapMap ©Silvermaze Ltd 2008 Victoria Palace Theatre photoPhoto ©Tony Reading 2008

Show Details

Preview 31 st Mar 05
Opens 11th May 05
Closes 9th Apr 16

Show Times

Mon - Sat 7.30 pm
Matinée Thurs & Sat 2.30 pm
Recommend age
12yrs +
Length of Show 3hrs

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A classic viewing of all the Theatreland play houses by night. The authentic commentary, by Ben Shafik - a player himself - gives an authentic feel to the West End's theatres - and is backed by real music.
Next version will be more upbeat as, suggested, to celebrate Britannia's unbeatable heritage.
(Over 6000 viewings and all good reviews to date).
Let us know what you think.

A note from the author

I took these pictures to show off London theatres as they are seen -most often - by theatre goers, at night.

Thanks to Ben Shafik for his lighthearted and informative commentary and Fionn O'Lochlainn for the original music.

Watch out for the new version with current liveries and the names of the theatres as they appear.



BILLY ELLIOT - the musical

"This is not a time to beat about the bush. Billy Elliot strikes me as the greatest British musical I have ever seen, and I have not forgotten Lionel Bart's Oliver! or Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. There is a rawness, a warm humour and a sheer humanity here that are worlds removed from the soulless slickness of most musicals." Charles Spencer - Telegraph

What more can one say? well quite a lot actually. If you can use the term blockbuster for a musical in London's theatreland. It's been going strong for six years and is booked forward - anyway until Christmas 2013.

Billy Elliot - High Jump

It has surprised everyone as well that Theatreland has been doing well in booking seats and I don't see too much hawking of the theatre space for function rental. The theatres were worried at the start of these years of utterly stultified finance. Not so much now though. Everyone remembers the rise of the performing arts and music (I said 'music' right?) during depressions generally.

Also at the risk of quoting too much from Charles "Sir Elton John's wonderful score ranges from folk to hard rock, from razzle-dazzle show tunes to soaring anthems of human solidarity and defiance."

Billy Elliot - Kane WardThere have been over 60 Billy Elliots that have been Billy through the years as they go by. Keeping a young fresh Billy has been an ongoing part of keeping the shows all over the world going. It's popular wherever it goes. In England the 28th Billy to play in the West End has just arrived. He is Kaine Ward, 12 and every bit a Billy already, said to be refreshingly cheeky. Not the shy type - not a show-off either.

The Story

A small boy in the era of Thatcher's miners' strikes in Lancashire decides, two years after his mother dies, to be a ballet dancer. The story develops beautifully and tenderly from there - also tough as nails as the miners were in those days gone past. Not that they are any different now. Some things about Brits is their total Englishness come what may. My friend from thereabouts for a tad of an example still says booter instead of butter. Does he care - any more than I do? no.

Billy Elliot - Ballet

Like the six year runner 'Wicked' this show is still getting re-reviewed as terrific and revisited as well by some accounts. It's a great night out as an antidote to the PC and mostly coldly embarrasing sex education they are giving very junior classes in schools these days. But that's not all. The performance seems as fresh as the day it was born as a fabulously well honed musical. With DANCE.

Book this showAdvice? get there and maybe pick a time when you are in need of a refresher and a bit of TLC.


  • Harris Beattie - Billy
  • Harrison Dowzell - Billy
  • Redmand Rance - Billy
  • Kaine Ward - Billy
  • Ruthie Henshall - Mrs Wilkinson
  • Deka Walmsley - Dad
  • Matthew Seadon-Young - Tony
  • Gillian Elisa - Grandma
  • Howard Crossley - George
  • James Butcher - Older Billy
  • Claudia Bradley - Dead Mum
  • Phil Snowdon - Mr Braithwaite

  • Book & lyrics - Lee Hall
  • Music - Elton John
  • Musical Supervision & Orchestrations- Martin Koch
  • Director - Stephen Daldry
  • Design - Ian MacNeil
  • Lighting - Rick Fisher
  • Choreography - Peter Darling
  • Costume - Nicky Gillibrand
  • Sound - Paul Arditti
  • Producer - Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan co-Chairmen of Working Title Films and theatre impresario Sally Greene, from Old Vic Productions along with Jon Finn
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