SPECIAL London Scape look-up about that T-shirt... a lot goes on... great hotel deals the light been there? done that?....  


Covent Garden is an area famous for live performances.  Artists, poets philosophers musicians are invited to submit their work.

MUSIC Hear recordings and see pictures of new artists. You can play whole songs (no player needed) in the 'Music Garden'The latest addition is Tommy C.

MOVIES Covent Garden Piazza
Recorded live - the ambient (Marley and classical mixed) sound & photos
START the pictures using forward & back buttons & adjust your volume.

View Paintings Collection by

oil painting on canvas 6 feet (1.8Metres)diameter
Large rendition & Collection coming soon

Bring back a Tshirt Scape poster.

Angel trying on  Kirk Originals.
(& cut sleeves off her Tshirt).


Covent Garden Buskers & a stroll 
From London EYE Photos 

Old Covent Garden Writing & engravings

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