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Sadly this restautrant has now closed. It was an excellent restaurant which used to be frequented by anyone looking for an excellent meal and personal service, and has been an intrgral part of Theatreland for 2 generations.

Because of its historical connection with Theatreland, a term first introduced to describe the area by the restaurant's founder Theodore Frangos. We feel that it is only appropriate to leave this web page up to give an idea of the sort of excellent restaurant and service that was an unsung gem within Theatreland.


Beotys is a restaurant you have passed many times, maybe overwhelmed with the aroma of coffee and cinnamon whirls being baked next door at Pret. Turn back if you want something a lot more...

Here is a superbly pretty little purpose built building from the last millennium. When you enter you are greeted with a home in which is an elegant little bar. The bar tells you that you are in the right place. The waiter cares for your coat and you sit in the comfort of a living room atmosphere. Outside the bustle goes on behind the lightly curtained bow window. Would you like a drink? Of course - the bar bustles with class - go ahead and choose a drink that really lifts the spirits without the sledge hammer of some modern brews. Lunch begins.


The menu is something else. You can look at it - (but not yet that's a treat in store) - I just want to say something about this menu - normally I hate menus because of all that writing and numbers inviting you to read it from the right.... Beotys menu reads from left The food is stunning in that it all has the fullest flavour from the spinach to the steak. This makes it satisfying. If you swallow food that is satisfying then it's going to be doing you good - whatever logic is placed upon it satisfaction comes from fresh high quality food and good cooking. No mystery. Know this and when you read the menu - prepare to be hungary - be warned.

Inside Beotys

There's white linen on the tables of course - and decent glasses and cutlery and pink napkins in cones. Classy, homey and comfortable. If you want to get some of the feel of the place it's worth clicking for enlargements. Hit the preload button if you want them straight away.

I have a lovely time when I go to Beotys so if I have more than an hour to enjoy the real beauty of the food, I will lunch there.

The restaurant's background

Michael Frangos is the son of the founder of the restaurant. It's been in the family for two generations. Michael's father coined the term "" as a lot of people came for dinner 'before or after a play'. The restaurant is a perfect place to take a parent or better still an uncle. The decor is all about the restaurant being comfortable and the restaurant is completely about the food they offer so well.


If you don't have an appetite before you go in you will soon have one. Everyone knows how an appetite, during working hours, can simply disappear if the food is served at all ungraciously. But gracious service (not obsequious) is a hallmark of Beotys as a matter of course. It's the most natural way to be with Michael and all the staff serve equally naturally. Michael is still serving people who he first caught sight of as a child when they too were little boys with their parents in the restaurant. So the family atmosphere is continually refreshed.

Friendly faces

The sweet tray is thus irresistible - the selection isn't hard because it seems irrelevant - they all look choice. You know just what happens - everybody has a different one and we all have more treats.

Talking about treats - parties with a Beotys planned menu are a treat. There is another room downstairs which is great room for a party. It has just the right seating for little groups and people can change around as well. [?]
you have to book ahead usually because it's very popular which says something.

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