Maps of Covent Garden for you to print 

Covent Garden. There are no official boundaries - some say that Covent Garden stops at Charing Cross Road and others argue that it goes nearly to Leicester Square. Strand is agreed as the bottom of Covent Garden 'proper' and Kingsway is an accepted Eastern edge.

Click here to go to the latest most accurate 3D map of the whole of central London and join the treasure hunt.

Map of Covent Garden

Classic pen and ink drawing of Covent Garden area.

This version with 5 tube stations is adapted from the wall poster '3D' map of London, which you can buy online here. It spans a LOT of London in extraordinary detail. We also have a number of individual area maps. by Citycapes. These are older maps - very pretty and getting more historical by the year. The 7th edition was drawn when the new Opera House was being built.

(If you ask we will send you a free 7th edition of Covent Garden when you order the poster online.)

The latest edition 2009 (above) is exclusively on this site . - you can get the whole map  by clicking on the framed section on the home page

The PDF file is a the version of the map with no logos or tube station

Silvermaze Classic Style Covent Garden map

The modern 2009 version is true North, differing slightly from the older version (2000) above.

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