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Independent reviews columns offer visitors and people, in the area, opportunities to express views & opinions plus their experience of being in Covent Garden. We have opinions of our own - after all we got the T-Shirt. Read Dickens' 3-sentence review.

You can review the area as a place to live, or say what it's like to have a stall here. The police and other 'covent guardians' could put in a word or two about what its like to look after one of the most popular places in the world.

Anything can be reviewed - a restaurant, a pub, a stall , a performer, a street etc. and each day or so we add another review. First one is a couple of stalls in Jubilee market.

What IS it about Covent Garden?
The map goes outside Covent Garden because it is square and the area is not. The boundaries are quite clearly defined? or are they?

Which streets are the very boundaries of Covent Garden itself? Which roads do you cross to be in or out of the area? You tell us . We want to hear from you where YOU think it starts and ends.

A Covent Garden shop pays high rates & rent and they really maintain high standards. People with high standards back high quality in either buying it or selling it. This is an area of high quality. Even the stalls in the 3 markets go for high quality merchandise and food. It's what's done hereabouts in Covent Garden.

This area is founded on an exciting patch of London - one could write a historical thesis about this place. The quality of the art and busking is very well known and adds to the fact that it attracts many millions of visitors all the year round. Another thing attracts people to the area - a LOT goes on. A lot of action, a hive of energy. It's a creative place.


This FAQ (frequently asked questions) is also a running Q&A (questions & Answers) so you can ask and we will answer or find out for you.

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