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Being in a shopping mood in Covent Garden is a tangible buzz. It's common knowledge that there is a vibrance in the air. Many things to buy you can only get here.

The architectural grandeur of central London is reflected in pure class and quality that's abundant in this region. This is the margin of value over price. This area is also quaint - There are still little shops, market traders and a selection of beautiful small boutiques.

Ahava The Tea House

Monmouth Coffee Tim Bryars

Trevor Sorbie Bathrobe Co.

Lucky House Charles Fox

Bank of Scotland Vintage & Rare Guitars

Unlike a normal shopping mall you can get bargains and rarities by keeping your eyes wide open wondering around.. there's lots to see. Please write in with suggestions and comments of places of interest to our visitors - you actually :-)


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We started with the theatres and we shall continue to add places of speciality, of value, of curiosity, of culture, of entertainment and of course eating and drinking.

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